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The Vision

Welcome to the new OIAA website!

We are very proud and grateful to have been part of the conception and creation of this new version of OIAA’s website. We’d like to thank the entire OIAA community for your patience and participation in the development of this project. We hope you explore and ask us questions. This is your site and we want to work with you.

We began with the existing site and some ideas. We’re an online international intergroup. We don’t meet in a physical hall, so we need a meeting place. The central office of OIAA is the website. The place where committees can exchange ideas and provide reports and updates to members. The place where members come and communicate, exchange ideas, gather information and connect to other alcoholics. 

We set about creating a dynamic structure that responds and allows members, the board and committees to speak to each other.  A linear platform vs. a hierarchy. A place of connection where we are all inside the group.

We are going to pause adding any new functionality for at least 60 days as we see what works and what doesn’t. Please give us your feedback and suggestions

Our new meeting guide is one of the highlights of this new version of the website – please go explore! In developing the new meeting guide we had the pleasure to further develop a relationship with the amazing group – Code for Recovery.

Not many will know that the old meeting directory was powered by a Google Sheet.

How amazing is that?

I mean, when you think there are over 6000 meetings, can you imagine what that looked like in a spreadsheet. How easy it would be to enter the wrong information in the wrong cell?

So, we got together with the team at C4R and they developed a cutting edge backend to solve our problem.

We’re incredibily grateful for their hard work and we encourage anyone with an interest in coding to check them out and get involved.

Code for Recovery is a non-profit organization that develops open-source technology projects to help the recovery community come together, get organized, and recover from addiction.     

Website: Code For Recovery   


Come work with us

Have a suggestion for the website? Website Suggestions. Interested in helping develop the Forum? Interested in working more closely with us? We have many website specific service positions.  Visit the Technology Committee.

There are many, many ways to be of service at OIAA: Service Opportunities.

In love and service,
OIAA Technology Committee


Uploading a pdf doesn’t work for us because we’re an international organization. If I speak Spanish or Egyptian the pdf is useless to me.  However, when we copy and paste all this information into these beautiful forms that we’ve created, all you need to do is click one button and boom. It’s in your language. Then follow the print instructions at the bottom of the documents pages. 

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