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The Technology Committee’s primary purpose is to provide, support, maintain, secure, and enhance the essential Information Technology needs of the Intergroup, including the OIAA Website, the OIAA Meeting Directory, electronic communications (including email, video conferencing, electronic voting and surveys), and file sharing and collaboration.

At the moment we have the need for the following skills:

  • Knowledge of WordPress.
  • Knowledge of SCSS.
  • Knowledge of Cloud Services (Google Workspace).
  • Knowledge of Zoom Events management.
  • Website copy editing.

The Technology Committee is responsible for the development, administration and maintenance of OIAA’s technologies. The Technology Committee consists of 3 primary service branches:  Member Services,  Web Services and Cloud Admin and continually strives to serve in accordance with AA principles. 

We currently have the following active subcommittees:

  • Cloud Admin: implements and maintains OIAA’s cloud services (Google Workspace) and help support OIAA workspace users.
  • Member Directory Team: administers the updates to the OIAA meeting directory with meeting adds and changes.
  • Tech Steppers: helps meetings with safety and security information.
  • Zoom Events Crew: runs the OIAA workshops, forums and assemblies Zoom rooms.


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