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A new hope

Hi Prithibi alcoholic from Assam India. My drinking start with friends when I stay away from home n was doing internship so I keep drinking n then I got job far from home town n drinking become more I lost my girl, made bad decisions even at work. Officer came to know about drink, I got warning letter but I ask sorry but they kept. My first rehab was 3 month I took program I don’t know about this I thought it’s was joke n after rehab 2 month I could stay clean n again going to work drinking took me. Officer knew I get angry with in myself why I have to stay away from family bez that I need now. My sis got married I was drunk I fell down on ground when she was having marriageĀ  all my family member are ashamed of me. I took rehab again for good I will never make joke of na program again now every one love me bez of clean n recovery thank you AA . Where there is will there is hope trust me. thank u