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A Fast Alcoholic Goes Online

My name is Fast Eddie and I am a real alcoholic.  My sobriety date is 12/10/2013 which began on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and shortly thereafter continued in New Bern North Carolina.

I was fortunate to land here, where we have a clubhouse that only does AA meetings down by the river. We had like 21 meetings a week or more, and I went to all of them at one point or another and always seven days a week then the pandemic hit and I was unable to attend in person meetings for obvious reasons and for an extended period of time regarding some health issues. A friend introduced me to a meeting online and I wanted to share my experience with that.  I went one day one week at 7:30 in the morning online using the GoToMeeting app and I didn’t like it and then the next week I went to two meetings and I still didn’t like it and I didn’t think it was gonna work. But by the third week I had gone to four meetings that week and by the fourth week I was going every day, and I haven’t stopped since! It literally changed my life and my program has become really strong with a great group of people! I was elected the alternate inter-group representative, (AIGR) and meeting scheduler for chair people in our group. It’s been one of the best meetings I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to thousands. It’s called AAmeetingonline.com. We are now a group in Area 72 and District 25 online and we did all that through the OIAA. Recently we partnered with District 25 to bring meetings to treatment centers and sober houses online that starts tomorrow 10/3/23 for us. Our commitment is 1 night a week 10pm EST on the zoom platform and I am helping moderate that meeting with our newly appointed H&I representative to get it rolling. I am a high maintenance alcoholic, and this service work has kept me sober for all these years. I am very grateful for that every day.

In Love and Service 

Fast Eddie O

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