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Announcement for 28 Jan 2024

Board Announcement:  Open Position-Trustee-at-Large

Because of a conflict of interest, our trustee-at- large has resigned. Although he revealed his work in another organization, both in his service resume and at our 2023 December election, the legal documents, Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower, and Document Retention, required by the state of New Jersey for our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, were not made available to him before the election, as we had just received them from our Pro Bono legal team.  Therefore, we will be accepting resumes for this position by April 1, 2024, and appointing a new trustee-at-large. As per our bylaws, the trustee-at-large would stand for election by the membership at our December 2024 assembly. The candidate may also want to review our draft legal documents when considering service in this position. Please contact me to review these draft documents. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me at

Service Resume Format

5.1.1 Eligibility & Qualifications for all Trustees

Trustees will be at least 18 years of age and need not be United States citizens or residents of New Jersey. ¹  OIAA suggests that ten years of continuous sobriety is preferable for trustees, though it is not mandatory. A committed program and leadership experience can enable a member to deal with OIAA growth and its affairs with serenity and ease in problem-solving. Such candidates can bring to the board the quality of decisiveness and the fortitude of their guidance and convictions, along with objectivity and prudence. They should be generally well suited to represent the OIAA board and interpret its actions. A business background or other professional experience is helpful. The board and membership are also interested in other skills and qualities that trustees can offer. Trustee officers must also have served in an OIAA service position to be eligible to stand. [Bylaws Section 4.02.] Trustees who are not officers do not need to meet the OIAA service position eligibility requirement.

5.3.2 Trustee-at-Large

The trustee-at-large will work in partnership with the OIAA committees to foster communication, collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts. The trustee-at-large will be available to serve in other areas as determined by the board. As the membership grows, additional trustees-at-large may be added at the discretion of the board.

1. New Jersey Nonprofit Act and IRS law.

2. Bylaws Section 4.02.] Eligibility. Anyone who has served in an OIAA service position is eligible to serve as an intergroup officer.

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