Proposed Budget and Operating Statement – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Proposed Budget and Operating Statement


**As approved by OIAA Finance Committee on 11/1/22 and by the OIAA General Assembly on 12/3/22**
Proposed 2023
Individual Contributions $12,342.27
Group Contributions $18,513.40
Total Revenue $30,855.67
Website Hosting/Management $3,000.00
Email & Collaboration $1,200.00
Video Conferencing $1,000.00
Other $1,200.00
Total Technology $6,400.00
Bank Fees $100.00
Organizational Fees $500.00
Professional Services $750.00
Supplies $0.00
Dues & Subscription $480.00
D&O Insurance Premium $650.00
Paypal Fees $925.67
Professional Development/Training $500.00
Mailing/Postage/Printing $0.00
Total Administrative $3,905.67
Special Workers
Bookeeping $2,400.00
Database Maintenance $2,400.00
Translation Services $8,000.00
Total Special Workers $12,800.00
Convention Costs $1,750.00
Conference Expenses $6,000.00
Travel $0.00
Event Hosting Costs $0.00
Total Events $7,750.00
Total Expenses $30,855.67
Net $0.00

Minimum of $1,000 in excess funds before any distribution considered

*7th tradition distribution made as funds are available. Review of reserves will be performed bi-annually.

Proposal for excess balances:
To GSO for North America 30%
To the International Literature Fund of AAWS 20%
To Technology in AA (TIAA) 10%
To the National Technology in AA Workshop (NTAAW) 20%
To the Carry the Message program of the AA Grapevine/La ViƱa. 20%


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