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OIAA Assembly 16 December 2023 Agenda

OIAA Assembly
16 December 23, 2pm EST
Zoom:  839 1683 1125 Password:  OIAA

Welcome and announcement of quorum!

Welcome to our annual general election and budget assembly! It is open to all who wish to join, but only intergroup representatives, OIAA Standing Committee Chairs, and OIAA Officers are voting members. We urge all voting members to attend, we need a quorum to conduct business. OIAA must seat three officers and two new non-officer trustees and pass the budget before 12/31/2023.

To participate, your group must register with OIAA and have a registered intergroup representative, by December 8th, 11:59 pm ET.

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Send questions to the Registrar.

Minutes of September Assembly-vote for approval, Secretary (Link is forthcoming.)

New Business

  1. Election of Panel 2024-2026 OIAA Officers and Non-Officer Trustees by Third Legacy Procedure conducted by the secretary.


Anyone who wishes to stand for election will have up to 3 minutes to verbally present relevant qualifications. An outline for resume presentation to help prepare for qualifying is available on the OIAA website. We do not require this format, but it may be helpful.

Election of OIAA Officers
We encourage all who are qualified to stand for election. Officer positions standing for election are Chairperson, Vice Chair and Treasurer. The board received three service resumes for officer positions submitted as requested by November 1st. We recommend anyone else who plans to stand prepare a service resume for presentation at the assembly.

Eligibility Requirements for Officer Positions:

Anyone who has served in an OIAA service position is eligible to serve as an intergroup officer. No person may hold more than one intergroup office at a time, nor may any officer serve concurrently as an alternate or as an IGR. All Officers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Election of International Trustee and Trustee-at-Large

The Board has created two new non-officer trustee positions who need not have served in OIAA but could have equivalent service elsewhere. Two candidates submitted their service resumes to the board by November 1, one for each position. We recommend anyone else who plans to stand prepare a service resume for presentation at the assembly.

2. 2024 Budget: Treasurer will discuss 2024 OIAA Budget line by line. After discussion, the treasurer will request a motion to approve the 2024 OIAA Budget.

IGRs Ask It Basket/Q & A-if time allows


Simultaneous interpretation is available upon request.

Notify Lesliee A communications.chair@aa-intergroup.org by December 2, 2023, if you need these services.

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