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Bylaws Changes-presented by OIAA treasurer


  1. Motion: Remove the Finance Chairperson from the OIAA Board of Officers and change the Bylaws Section 4.01 Officers:

Section 4.01. Officers. The Voting Members shall elect the following Officers: a President (hereafter referred to as “Chairperson”), a Vice President (hereafter referred to as “Vice Chair”), Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Chairperson, and Technology Chairperson. Elections will be held annually.

Background: The reason that the Finance Chairperson should be removed from the above section is that the Treasurer already holds a position on the board of directors for a financial position. Having an additional board member from finance is unnecessary and may skew decisions from a financial perspective. It keeps it simple.

  1. Motion: Remove the service position of Finance Chairperson and change subsection 4.01(d): Treasurer of the Bylaws to reflect the changes below. The Treasurer and Alternate Treasurer will lead the Finance Committee and OIAA will no longer have the positions of Finance Chairperson or Alternate Chairperson.

Subsection 4.01(d): Treasurer. The Treasurer maintains the Intergroup’s corporate financial records, tax returns, detailed accounting of receipts and disbursements; and provides summaries and reports to the Intergroup at least quarterly. The Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee. The Treasurer works with the Finance Committee to prepares the annual budget and presents it to the Member Assembly for a vote. The Treasurer receives contributions and maintains the Intergroup’s funds in an account in the name of the Intergroup. With approval of the Board, the Treasurer oversees and maintains any financial professional services.


Changing the Finance chair to the elected position of the Treasurer is in alignment with other committees within OIAA, such as the Tech Committee has the Tech Officer serve as the committee chair. It solidifies the idea that there is a definite singular point person for financial matters. The Treasurer also has the fiduciary responsibility, not the committee, to provide the budget. The Treasurer will receive input from the committee, but the budget is ultimately the Treasurer’s responsibility.

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