Update For Guidelines – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Agenda for Guidelines Meeting - 30 Aug 2023

30 August 23 Full Committee Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee

3pm Eastern Daylight Time

Zoom 810 0074 2990   PW: Bylaws



  • Opening Prayer- Please let’s each pause in a moment of silence, connect with one’s own HP and pray to put principles before personalities, for understanding and effectiveness, and for clarity as we move through today’s agenda.
  • Call to order:      Gwen M
  • Roll Call for the Minutes
  • Items of Business:
    • Table of Contents – able to confirm this will auto-generate as a function of the word processing software.
    • Glossary – First presentation to the committee 6 September, 2023
    • Intergroup Rep – Placing the IGR role first in the document before the Board or Officers is consistent with a membership nonprofit organization and more accurately reflects the structure of OIAA. The IGRs are the audience for this document.  The old guidelines have the IGR first and I suggest the same placement in this revision.
    • Review Master Document:
      • Yellow highlighted sections still need work.
      • Each highlight will be allocated 5 minutes (timed).
      • Have we adequately flushed out the role of the IGR?
      • Archivist detail to be reviewed by whomever hired and is supervising this person and returned by 6 September.
      • Member Voting Rights is currently in 2.9.


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