Update For Communications – Dec 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Communications Meeting - 18 Dec 2023

The Communications Committee met on December 16, 2023 10amPacific/1pm Eastern.

10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm London/9:00 PM Monday, in Moscow, Russia

Zoom Meeting ID: 846 7947 5814

PassCode: 679963

This month the communications committee discussed:

Document Control and Development (Polls and Surveys)
The committee still needs a co-chair for this position. This co-chair will be responsible for working with committees to design documents, log documents and make document revisions. They might also be responsible for creating polls and surveys either attached to IGR Forums and Assemblies or free-standing. These polls and surveys will be used to capture information OIAA committees need to be of optimum service.
Interpretation and Translation
The committee  still needs a co-chair for this position. This co-chair will be responsible for scheduling interpreters and translators as needed.
The OIAA Board has decided to make this position a co-chair to the Communications committee. A Google Docs folder will be set up to begin to retain documents that we already have. The Archivist will be responsible for using historical documents to make presentations, allow OIAA members access to the documents and to seek out more documents and oral histories, when possible.

The committee discussed the video, “The Role of the IGR” suggestions for edits were made. Randy, Co-Chair of Video production, made the changes. The video will go to the Board for approval. When approved the video will be posted on the OIAA You tube channel. Currently posted there are the “What is OIAA” and “The Steppers” videos.

The committee has been collecting taglines this past year and will send out an email so all OIAA members can vote for the one they think best sums up OIAA As they understand it. The top 5 have been collected and a final vote email will be sent out at on December 20th. The winner will be announced at the next IGR Forum.

Lesliee will attend the January 27th IGR Forum and make a presentation about the committee. Once the edits are done on the “Role of the IGR” video and the Board approves it. Nona will use it as the opening for IGR forums.

From Randy co chair for video production The committee needs to think about how the PSAs can be best used.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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