Update For 12-steppers – Feb 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Feb 2024

February 12-Step Committee (Steppers) Report

Steppers Committee –February 2024

Hello fellow OIAA members –

This is a report of inquiries and replies for the Steppers Committee for February. Again, there are no numbers from last February since we were transitioning to Google Workspace during that time. Up-against numbers should return in next month’s report.

For a rough comparison, last year in March, we had 367 requests (more days & typically higher traffic) and 2.86 responses per inquiry. This month our requests were lower but we maintained a respectable 4.59 responses per request. The reduced volume may not reflect, necessarily, a reduction in the importance of on-line meetings, since our meeting listings continue to grow, as much as a shorter month and a return to in-person meetings returning to a more traditional point of contact as we’ve gotten further from the pandemic.

Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for February


Steppers Statistics 2024
Total Steppers Replies 1291
Total Requests 281
Duplicates 0
Individual Request 281
Replies per Request 4.59
Steppers Statistics 2023
Total Steppers Replies N/A
Total Requests N/A
Duplicates N/A
Individual Requests N/A
Replies per Request N/A


Requests Distributions


Requests Distribution 281
Get Help Button 216
Contact Us 29
Join OIAA 36




Country Count


Row Labels Count of Email
Canada 16
El Salvador 1
France 3
India 4
Japan 1
Kenya 2
Mexico 1
Other Country 2
Philippines 1
please select 1
South Africa 54
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 6
Unknown 2
USA 185
Zambia 1
Grand Total 281

From grateful recipients who asked for help this month – (Please call it out to us when you get these kinds of comments from your inquirers)

– I thank you very much for your email. I applied on website [to Area 45 Convention].  Have a great day.

-Thank you.  I participated in the Women’s International Marathon meeting an hour or so ago, and found the atmosphere to be lovely. I appreciate the information you shared along with your personal story.  I am so thankful you have found your way and pray that I will also.

-Thank you so much. Just this email alone was a lot of help!! I feel myself letting go of some of my self-anger after reading It.  I’m so happy you got back to me. Thank you for all your words and advice I really appreciate It

Please let us know of any corrections or questions.

In Your Service,

DC Dave

Steppers Committee Chair


Jeff Br

Steppers Committee AltChair


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