Committee Update For 12-steppers – May 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - May 2023

Hello Assembly 

During May 2023, Steppers received 348 urgent requests and sent 926 replies, averaging 2.66 replies per request.We received requests from 19 countries in May, our first from Peru and Oma, in recent memory, anyway. We Steppers are alway excited to see a request from somewhere for the first time.

Here is some of the positive feedback we received this month –

Recently, someone from South Africa reached out to Steppers for help. I included my number in my reply and she reached out to me. We stayed in touch and she asked me to be her sponsor. She has 100 days sober today (I am not counting, lol) and she’s doing so well. She’s going to meetings and working the steps and we’re doing daily gratitude. It’s been one of the biggest blessings – meeting her through Steppers – and I am so grateful.



This is a Steppers reply to VK who needed an English speaking meeting in Calle Beta Nte., Tulum Centro 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Steppers answer: English speaking, in-person meetings are  available at      Phone +52 984 16

 VK replied to us the next day with these comments:

Thank you for sending me the meeting information. I am 15 months sober today. Yesterday was rough. I traveled here because my two daughters planned a trip here and, of course, my need to make sure they were safe sent me here as well. I’m staying at a resort while they are at an Airbnb about 20 min away. I invited them and their friends to my resort for the day yesterday.

Yesterday was rough because I got to see the old me through them. I was scared for them. After I got them home safely, I felt the only thing that would help me was a drink. The thought of drinking was strong. There is a lot of drinking going on here and I don’t think I was quite ready for the abundance of alcohol that appeared on this trip. I ran my own tapes of my past and I didn’t drink, but boy the urge was bad. So, thank you for sending me the in-person meeting information. I went to the meeting and it was great. I was able to share where I was at today, and many of us shared the same struggles. I found my people and got my medicine.

You really helped me get another day! Much appreciation.



Steppers Contact Us Statistics for May  2023

Country              Grand Total 351

Country 2
Australia 1
Canada 27
Croatia 1
France 1
Germany 1
Guatemala 2
India 1
Kenya 2
Malawi 1
New Zealand 1
NewZealand 1
Oman 2
Peru 1
please select 4
South Africa 67
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 14
USA 219
Zimbabwe 1

Year over Year

May 2022 Statistics May 2023 Statistics
Total Steppers Replies 1532 Total Steppers Replies 926
Total Requests 416 Total Requests 351
Duplicates 10 Duplicates 3
Invalid Requests 406 Invalid Requests 348
Replies Per Request 3.77 Replies Per Request 2.66

In loving service,

Mary M.

Steppers Committee Chair

Gary W.

Steppers Committee AltChair

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