Committee Update For 12-steppers – Jun 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Jun 2023

Steppers Committee – June 2023

Hello Fellow OIAA Members –

The launch of our awesome new website on 16 June presented some changes for our 12 Step Committee (Steppers), the most important of which is that some of our historic data for June isn’t available. That means we cannot show you all of our numbers for June 2023.

Nevertheless, we can report solid numbers for the urgent requests and number of replies.

Coming to us via “Get Help Now” worldwide were:  349 in June 2023 versus 346 in June 2022.

Steppers sent 1,202 replies in June 2023, an average of 3.3 replies per request. In June 2022, Steppers sent 1,443 replies to people writing for help, an average of 4.2 replies per request.

We cannot name the countries represented among our June requests. We hope to have those details again for July 2023.

In Your Service,

Mary M.

Steppers Committee Chair

Gary W.

Steppers Committee AltChair

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