Committee Update For 12-steppers – Jul 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Jul 2023

12 Step (Steppers) Committee – July 2023

Hello fellow OIAA members –

As we mentioned in June, the new website has presented some key learnings as people around the world reach out to OIAA. Interestingly, not everyone seeking urgent help with alcohol is requesting that by using our “Get Help Now” button. We also received urgent requests through the Join OIAA forms submitted to the Registrar. Therefore, at least for July, we will break down the requests and show you how we received each one. The easiest way to do that is using tables with the data. Those are below.

From grateful recipients who asked for help this month –

“It took me an entire year to read your email. Thank you for your kind words. I am now at what one would call ‘the bottom of the pit.’. I have lost my job. Lost my pension. My only source of income. I am depressed, anxious. The feeling of despair has taken over. However, I have not drank any of those feelings away. It is awful. I feel doomed. I am 46 years old and had the same job for over 15 years. Not sure how to start over. I will find an AA in my area thank you!”  Anonymous


Thank you for reaching out. Been a long battle at age 68 retirement and drinking has got the best of me. I’ve known for a long time that I am an alcoholic but to events involving drinking and driving, two accidents one almost deadly the other just stupid driving around in my convertible thinking I’m ok. Till I backed into a tree. Made it home somehow then realized in the morning that I desperately need help. Feel good about what iam doing but scared in a way too that I might relapse. This past year I tried to stop by not going to Breweries and Bars but still binge drinking at home. So here I go into this new World. I’ll get in touch with an online counselor soon. Want to do this and end this nightmare before I lose everything.  Ed


“Good morning, and thank you for reaching back. I did two zoom meetings last night, and praise God I didn’t drink!!!” Dominique


Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for July

Steppers Statistics 2023
Total Steppers Replies 1004
Total Requests 325
Duplicates 18
Individual Requests 307
Replies per Total Requests 3.09
Steppers Statistics 2022
Total Steppers Replies 1495
Total Requests 385
Duplicates 9
Individual Requests 376
Replies per Request 3.88
Requests Distributions  325
Get Help Now Button 264
Join OIAA 40
Join OIAA/Do you need help now 21


Country Count

Country  Count
Argentina 1
Australia 2
Blank 8
Canada 16
Deutschland 1
Dubai, UAE 1
Ecuador 1
Estonia 1
France 2
France, Australia 1
Guatemala, Italy 1
India 3
Ireland 2
Kenya 1
Mexico 3
New Zealand 1
Pakistan 1
South Africa 43
Spain 1
Sri lanka 1
Sweden 1
Uganda 1
United Kingdom 4
USA 226
USA, Germany 1
USA, Slovakia 1
Grand Total 325 Entries 26 Countries

Please let Gary or me know of any corrections or questions.

In Your Service,

Mary M.

Steppers Committee Chair

Gary W.

Steppers Committee AltChair

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