Eddie’s Story – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Eddie’s Story

I have been in and out of the rooms since 2021, when my sister went through the windshield of my car on Oct. 21, 2021.

I am going to start from July 2023 when I was evicted and ended up homeless and very scared, so I ran to the store and got my Captain, then got some dope, and off I went every day all day. I was not well, so I decided to end my life. I had a plan, a date, and a time. I do have 3 sisters and 2 are in this program, but I did not have any communication with the 2. My other sister was there a lot for me, but I never told her I had a plan to end my life. I also lost so much weight from July-Sept.  She always told me that I was getting too skinny, but I would tell her it was because of all my health issues.  I am gay, and I also became HIV positive Nov 2011.  Today I have a lot of other health issues. I have to take 11 pills twice a day along with several injections, but I stopped my meds because it interfered with my drinking.

Well, it was close to the date I’d planned to end my life, and out of the blue my youngest sister texted me and asked if I would just pray my heart with EVERYTHING I had. I thought about our conversation. I stayed at Harrah’s for a few months, and that’s where I hit another bottom. Let’s just say it’s not good roaming the casino with no clothes. They found my clothes and they also found a large amount of drugs, so they said I was no longer welcome there. I waited for about 3 hours and went back up to the room. I got in the shower and prayed so damn hard, started to yell at my HP, then at my Mom and my Dad, who have both passed away.  About 20 minutes later I called my youngest sister. I started to go to AA meetings on Zoom, and I tried to get sober but I could not. So I kept praying and going on Zoom for about a month. On Dec. 8th my God had a plan for me, and I did not get in the way. (If anyone suggested I did it, that is something I have never done.) In February I got a sponsor and today I have over four months sober and doing well.

Oh, I forgot a few things: I have been in the hospital, and when I had a small stroke they kept me till they found me a safe place. It was a shelter. I did not want to go but I went because they knew better and 29 days had passed when the caseworker told me that they placed me in my own apartment. That’s when I started to experience my spiritual part of the program and kept getting things that I thought I would NEVER get.

So if you are struggling, PLEASE PLEASE try what I did. You deserve another chance. Love you all. ~ Eddie J.