Group Report For NZ Zoom into the World of the Spirit (WoS) – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for NZ Zoom into the World of the Spirit (WoS) - Aug 2023

Our group meets everyday at 6.30am New Zealand time.  We focus on steps 10 & 11 and read pages 84-88 from the big book cyclically reading a passage a day.

At first we wondered if it would be sustainable but it absolutely is.  We get between 80-130 people everyday and have 40+ active on the conscience.

all of our service positions are filled and because we get visitors from all over the globe we donate funds to OIAA, World  Service Office and NZ GSO on a monthly rotation

you can find us in the directory … I might even include the link next month.

thanks for letting me be of service

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