Group Report For ESH (email group at mylist) – Dec 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for ESH (email group at mylist) - Dec 2023

This month I asked for reasons members liked ESH and the email meeitng.  Here are a couple of the responses:
My sponsor suggested it because I lived out in the country about 30 miles from the closest meeting and 45 minutes from my old home group, and I’d become very irregular about attending. Hesitant to share at first, I grew to love online email meetings and became friends with several of the women.
Some of the women belonged to other AA groups, ESH being one of them. I followed them into ESH. I’ve been here ever since and love it. It’s interesting having the men in the group and I’ve privately emailed both women and men when something they say interests me.
ESH meets my needs and I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned.   NS
From BH:

1. The schedule: I can access comments or respond, at any time, when I have the time to do so.

2. I can give time and thought to my comments. I like to think that in a F2F meeting my responses are heartfelt and prompted by God but I often think afterward I wish that I had said something I missed.
3. There is another layer of anonymity in an online meeting. That might allow for extra honesty.
There are tradeoffs. I feel more fellowship in a F2F meeting, whether regular or birthday.
Online sharing does provide for some thought and sharing and is better than no meetings, especially for those of us who, for health or other reasons, cannot mingle with others at many F2F meetings.
From me – helped and helps me a lot to be able to write someone privately – have made many email friends – makes for great trudging together.  ESH shares last all week and can read any time.
ESH is good sobriety – check it out.
susan, ESH IGR

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