Group Report For Dawn Patrol On-Line – Nov 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for Dawn Patrol On-Line - Nov 2023

OIAA Group Report

Group Name: Dawn Patrol Online and Dawn Patrol Eighth Meeting

Intergroup Representative: Mike T.    Date: 2 November 2023

Group Information: Dawn Patrol Online (7 am EST daily) and Dawn Patrol Eighth Meeting (6 pm EST Wed) are meetings that arose during Covid when the venue for homegroup closed. The Daily Dawn Patrol Online is now an online only group based from Newark, Delaware. We offer a literature-based, open meetings welcoming both men and women. Online is a homegroup in it’s own right now. The group has an elected chair, secretary, treasurer and OIAA IG Rep. Currently we share GSR with the in-person Dawn Patrol but are seeking a new GSR for the online group (representing District 14, Area 12). The standing committee meets the first Sunday of each month for our business meetings. The group will hold elections for service positions in December 2023. Online meetings consist largely but not exclusively of beginners and passersby. It has a membership of approximately twenty, with 15-30 people attending daily. Increasingly, online is a group of regulars, from all over the world, who are no longer strangers.

No Requests

Actions – Challenges and Successes –


We continue to progress with the formation of an new online group and attendance remains high with new visitors both in the US and abroad. We continue to take contributions via Cash App but considering other means of collection donations from folks in other countries. Group members continue to be active with attendance and volunteering to chair meetings when the opportunity presents itself. While this may not seem a success the group is looking at different options for meetings which could be speaker meetings, additional big book study meetings or other discussion meetings. The group is thinking of additional ways to attract others and possible ways of rotating the types of meetings the group holds. This is just in the discussion stages.


One of the most recent challenge’s the group has encountered is the need of a new Security Chair Person. Additionally, it would be good if the group had an alternate IGR to attend /participate in OIAA meetings and assemblies, a perfect example of this was the most recent OIAA IGR Forum which was held on Oct 28th.  Dawn Patrol was not represented in this event. The group is still looking for a new GSR for the group, along with a Literature and Coin person. Home group members actively announce the opportunities available during the online meetings. The group continues to make progress as it moves through it’s growing pains of becoming a new group.


OIAA continues to have multiple Service Opportunities which are being announced at on-line meetings. The opportunities are vast as this the online community continues to grow and is ever expanding. Anyone interested in serving with the online AA community is encouraged to reach out to either Mike T or Susan R.

Learning: “Zoom babies” continue with their success of staying sober one day at a time and celebrating their sobriety.  There has been an increase in group members attending Tradition study after the Sunday Morning Big Book Meeting for those interested in service positions. They are learning to be responsible. They have contributed to the group with their service and are rotating out. We continue to have participation with new members that continue to get involved in service positions to help the group in carrying the load of Zoom meetings.

Respectfully submitted, Mike T., Dawn Patrol On-line

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