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If You Are a Professional, AA Wants to Work With You

“Professionals who work with alcoholics share a common purpose with Alcoholics Anonymous: to help the alcoholic stop drinking and lead a healthy, productive life. 

(From “If You Are a Professional …” copyright © A.A. World Services, Inc.; reprinted with permission.)

For those who work with alcoholics, including medical and other health-care professionals, counselors, therapists, social workers, clergymembers, human resources personnel, attorneys, judges, treatment and correctional facility personnel, and many others, A.A. has a wealth of resources, such as those listed below and on the right.


In most areas, there will be one or more committees responsible for providing information on AA. The local AA office is usually the best first contact. Visit the Find AA Near You page or email our Cooperation With the Professional Community Committee using the form below:

First name is just fine.