TechSteppers Safety Workshop 04 May, 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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TechSteppers Safety Workshop 04 May, 2024

Saturday 04 May, 2024
You can listen to the English audio recording of the session below

Zoom AI Meeting Summary (unedited)

Staying Safe: Keeping pace with disruptors

Share your experience, strength and hope around our on-going challenges and solutions in providing a safe and secure online meeting place. The Town Hall format will provide a space for us to work together in unity to discuss our approach and efforts to manage and limit meeting disruptors and to protect our meeting space and our members.

We are excited for you to join us for the OIAA TechSteppers’ Quarterly Safety Workshop. This interactive event, held every three months, is shaped by your interests and questions. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to join fellow attendees in sharing your experience and discovering new ways to enhance the safety of our online meetings. No pre-registration is needed – just come along and be part of the conversation. And don’t forget, we’d love to hear your ideas for future topics! Simply leave your suggestion(s) in the chat at the meeting.. We can’t wait to see you there and explore your valuable insights.

There’s no need to pre-register – just show up! You can contribute ideas for future topics by emailing us at

We look forward to your participation and valuable input!


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