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OIAA March Assembly 2023 Announcement

OIAA Assembly 18 March 2023


OIAA is excited to announce details for our next General Assembly scheduled for Saturday March 18th. The complete Assembly Agenda is now available on the OIAA website.

OIAA assemblies are open to all who wish to join. Voting Members of OIAA (IGRs, OIAA Standing Committee Chairs, and OIAA Officers) are urged to attend, as a quorum is always required in order to conduct any OIAA business during the assembly, such as the approval of minutes from the last assembly. This will be the first assembly led by OIAA’s current Board whom were elected by voting members at the December 2022 Assembly.

We will hear a report from our new Chair, Jane G. and we’ll receive a report from our Treasurer Brian G. recapping 2022 Financials. OIAA’s Technology Chair, Mark M., will provide an update on the dynamic growth of the Technology Committee over the past few months and will also be debuting many features of OIAA’s refreshed website design and content.

Our International Intergroup exists to assist online A.A. groups with their primary purpose to carry the message of A.A. Providing your participation and your voice at the OIAA Assembly is the principle means by which we as a service organization can grow in understanding and effectiveness. Joining us in service at OIAA allows us the best hope for responding to the needs of online A.A.

We look forward to seeing you on March 18th!

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