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Guidelines Committee Charter

**Approved by the OIAA Board. Not yet approved by the Assembly.

Type of Committee:

 ____ Standing Service Committee   _X__ Ad hoc Service Committee  

____ Standing Board Committee ____ Ad hoc Board Committee

Mission and Purpose: 

OIAA’s Board called for the formulation of a Guidelines ad hoc Committee during the regularly scheduled Sept.13th 2022, Board Meeting.

The purpose of the ad hoc guidelines Committee is to develop Operating Guidelines in alignment with OIAA Bylaws, approved by the Assembly Sept. 10th, 2022.


The Guidelines Committee Chair:

  • Sufficient sobriety to practice the 36 principles in daily life.
  • Understanding the scope of the task at hand.
  • The ability to set direction, organize the work and keep the team focused on the deliverables.
  • The ability to bring out the best of others while working towards a common goal.
  • Basic clerical skills and familiarity or willingness to learn the features of the technology used within the committee is useful.

Committee Secretary:

  • Takes meeting minutes and distributes them in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining the master document as changes are made.
  • Provides administrative support and assists in the maintenance of records in keeping with Bylaws requirements.
  • Provides additional support for the committee chair as needed and mutually agreed upon.
  • Basic clerical skills and familiarity or willingness to learn the features of the technology used within the committee is useful.

What we do/Tasks: 

  • These Operating Guidelines outline our decision-making processes in the spirit of Concept 10, describing how our organization functions. They ensure standards of procedure that OIAA remains democratic in thought and action.
  • These Operating Guidelines reflect our group conscience on policies related to the functioning of OIAA. These include but are not limited to accessibility and safety for all, regardless of language, nationality, gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity, beliefs (spiritual, secular, or religious), or cultural values. We represent a broad highway; respecting the voice and the vote of all. Our common welfare comes first.
  • These Guidelines as they may be amended from time to time, must be approved by a vote at the Membership in the same manner as the Bylaws and are meant to be a companion document to the Bylaws.  They shall be posted on the OIAA Website.

All OIAA members, both voting and nonvoting, are welcome to participate in this work. Those interested in joining us, please send an email to:

The first meeting of the new Guidelines Ad Hoc Committee was Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 3:00 PM, Eastern Time.

Approval date of the Committee: ____________________

Approval date of the Board : ____________________

Approval date of Voting Members: ____________________


The scope of the responsibility and authority of each committee is outlined in a committee charter to be reviewed every two years or as necessary.  While each committee can have different roles, many will have similar roles. For example, each committee will most likely have a committee Chair and a Secretary with similar responsibilities and qualifications. Each committee will have certain roles unique to the mission it has to discharge.

OIAA’s Bylaws Article 5 provides additional committee detail including definitions pertaining to their duration, creation of, dissolution of, record maintenance and reporting requirements.

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