Zoom AI TechSteppers Safety Workshop – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Zoom AI TechSteppers Safety Workshop

Meeting Summary (unedited)

May 04, 2024 01:28 PM Eastern Time

Quick recap

The team discussed various technical aspects of online meetings, including security measures, managing disruptive participants, and screen sharing strategies. They also addressed the need for vigilance within the group, with a focus on inclusive opportunities and respect for group traditions. Additionally, they shared their experiences and concerns about using Zoom, and proposed solutions to enhance meeting security and maintain group dynamics.Next steps

Next scheduled TechSteppers Safety Workshop: August 03-2024

Meeting Summary

Tech Stepper Team Support and Meeting Management

Tamara requested Jan to remove last names from a document and made Kerry a co-host for improved readability and assistance in answering questions. Katy offered to help answer questions as a co-host and to provide more support to the Tech Stepper team, which was facing challenges with its current chair and co-chair. The team discussed the issue of ‘bombers’ within the group, with Lisa & and Bob sharing a setup checklist that had reduced their frequency. The team also emphasized the need for vigilance and an inclusive opportunity within the group. Furthermore, Phil explained the technique of pinning a participant in a Zoom meeting to maintain focus, and clarified that disabling a participant’s video is an alternative method to prevent them from moving around the screen.

Managing Meeting Security and Disruptions

Nakeena proposed changing the meeting password regularly to prevent unauthorized access. However, Tamara explained that passwords often end up being posted on dark web forums, making it ineffective. Instead, Tamara suggested removing participants who disrupt the meeting and adding new ones to the waiting room as a more practical solution. Mark agreed to save the chat for future reference, and Terry asked about the fastest way to manage the waiting room, which Tamara clarified depends on the group’s behavior.

Managing Security in Online Meetings

Babz discussed her struggles with managing security during online meetings, highlighting the need to disable certain features to prevent misuse. Lisa & and Mark provided counterpoints, suggesting the use of the waiting room feature and removing participants as necessary. They emphasized the importance of following Zoom’s Security Guide to enhance account security. Chuck shared his experience with a similar issue in the past, describing how they were overwhelmed with inappropriate content. The team agreed to continue discussing and refining their security strategies.

Zoom Experiences and Security Strategies

Chuck discussed the group’s experiences with Zoom, focusing on the need for attendees to connect their cameras and their concerns about being removed from meetings. He also expressed a desire for more participants. Andy proposed the idea of setting up an ongoing online discussion group to address new issues and share ideas. Mark suggested continuing the quarterly safety workshops and mentioned the Technology in A&A forum as a resource. Jan shared her group’s strategies for keeping meetings secure and simple, including disallowing virtual backgrounds, requiring cameras to be on, and discouraging the use of reactions and raised hands.

Screen Sharing, Security, and Disruptive Participants

Audrey proposed sharing screens for one-to-one support and helping the group with security settings. Beth requested assistance in disabling the annotation feature during screen sharing. Lisa & raised a concern about disruptive participants in their group and asked for guidance on maintaining meeting security while respecting group traditions. Preston offered his help in updating inactive meeting listings, and Mike shared his strategies for dealing with disruptive participants. The team agreed to take responsibility for assisting with any technical difficulties during meetings.

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