Update For Unity – Feb 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Announcement for Unity Meeting - 01 Feb 2024


October 25, 26, & 27

The OIAA Unity Committee would like to invite your group to participate in OIAA’s first 2024 INTERNATIONAL ONLINE CONVENTION, a celebration of Alcoholics Anonymous and the language of the heart as it is expressed in the different languages and cultures of our members.

This three day convention will occur in three zones of the world and will adapt to multiple time zones.

Day 1 – Asia, Oceania : Saturday Oct.26 (Fri. Oct 25 EST).
Day 2 – North and South America : Saturday Oct. 26.
Day 3 – Europe, Africa, Asia : Sunday Oct. 27 .

Our hope is that you will join us as one of the many “destinations” along the way. Of course we are open to your suggestions.

  • The convention is closed to alcoholics or those who think they have a problem with alcohol.
  • Each day will begin at 10 in the morning or 12 in the afternoon, and end at 5 or 7 in the evening with an opening and closing segment each day.Reference time zones : Day 1- Melbourne 12pm-7pmDay 2 – Chicago 10am-5pmDay 3 – Moscow 12pm-7pm***These times may change if neededThe reference time zones are the central time zones of each day’s span of countries.

    Ex. Day 3 Moscow 12am to 5pm will be 14:30pm – 11:30pm in Mumbai.

  • Each group will have 1-3 hours. There are approximately 20-24 one hour time slots per day in simultaneous Zoom rooms.
  • Choose a time slot and select your theme! We ask that you avoid all outside issues including GSO politics. Here are several theme suggestions: Oldtimer’s panel, speaker meeting, sharing the message to A.A.s in remote areas, how service has changed me, specialty meetings, recovery topics and stories, themes around A.A. literature, steps, traditions, etc.

Please fill out the group participation form below and join us!

The final date to confirm your participation is March 1, 2024.



More information about the Unity Committee.




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