Update For Technology – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for Technology Committee - Apr 2024

Technology Committee – Quarterly Report  

Mark M.  Technology Chair

April 20th, 2024

Tech Committee monthly report: website

  • Tech Budget: operating under budget
  • Transition of Web Services paid professional services complete. 
    • Key Elements/Kerri Karel
  • Google Workspace account converted to NonProfit status (unlimited email accounts)
  • OIAA Zoom account upgrade- added one single account.
    • AI Meeting notes enabled  
  • Special Projects ($10,000 budget)
    • Membership/Registrar system buy/build evaluation underway
  • International Convention – website & registration
  • Meeting Directory 
    • Outages LOW/Availability HIGH
    • Google Group to all meeting directory email contacts
    • 3/15 upgrade completed (Time-of-day search/Random Sort)

Cloud Admin  

    • Training survey sent to OIAA CBC for Google workspace
    • Address book in development

Member Services 

  • Zoom Events
  • Meeting Directory Services
    • Over 300 requests for meeting updates completed / 110 requests for new meeting listings 
  • Tech Steppers 
    • Running @ 15 requests per month, expanding scope of support services
    • Next Safety Workshop- May 4th

Web Services 

    • Assembly/Forum/Workshop pages
    • IGR Update Form added
    • International Convention page added


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