Update For Public-information – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Announcement for PIC - Public Information Meeting - 17 Apr 2024

The Public Information Committee (PIC) is calling for volunteers! That means you and any members of your group! PIC volunteers do not have to be members of OIAA. We offer orientation/training for new volunteers.

What does PIC do? Often, those writing to PIC are encountering AA for the first time. Some are looking for meetings, some are requesting information for themselves, and some are requesting information on behalf of others, including their clients and family members. Sometimes they just want to know how to verify their attendance for court or other authorities. Our job is to provide the information they are looking for, and support them in finding what they need.

Interested? Contact Mary at pic.chair@aa-intergroup.org for more information.

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