Update For Finance – Mar 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Finance Meeting - 09 Mar 2024

OIAA Finance Committee 

Record of Minutes

Saturday, March 9, 2024

8:00am – am HDT

11:00am – pm   PDT

2:00pm -pm EDT


Attendees : 

Jennifer – OIAA  Treasurer

Nicky – Finance Committee  Secretary


Jennifer leads Serenity Prayer.  All in Attendance (Nicky) joins in.  .  


Review of Prior Months Minutes

Jennifer reviewed them.  Nicky wrote them.  Approved



Review of Financial Reports 

Jennifer shares screen and brings up the Budget Variance.  In February  we had contributions of $7,400.00  We’re budgeting nicely, had a small fall of $80.00  but then there is only a YTD excess of $880.00


Regarding Expenses, we have paid for our annual traveling mail of $150.00 and we also have Paypal and Stripe fees.  Jennifer explains that we do not have a line item for Stripe yet, but with the Budgeted amount being over, for Paypal, it seems to cover a lot of the Stripe fees.  So, Stripe is represented in Paypal fees.  Professional fees, Accounting software.  Our tech special worker for our website is $2280 for special worker tech.  


Interpretation for February, what is different this year is that it’s broken out per assembly and IGR Forum, Unity Committee meeting and so on.  So we can now  see each entity under Interpretation.  Video conferencing got an extra room.  Jennifer examples how we are in this meeting, but Guidelines are also having a meeting.  So we are now able to have two meetings at once.  Website hosting is $555.00 largely to do with Google and other applications that make the Zoom Room run smoothly.  Bottom line is net income of over $3300 and YTD  is a little over $7000.  Jennifer asks for any questions. None 



Review of Contributions 

Jennifer shares screen and begins that all of the financial records are already on the website for anyone’s review.  Individual contributions by name are no longer listed.  They will all be under the line item of Individual Contributions.  For February 2024 there’s just over 600 at $616.00 in individual contributions.  Any questions or feedback on Contributions? None 



Review of Balance Sheet

We continue to grow as we show in Net Profit.  Unearmarked cash is $107,132.99.  Jennifer believes there will be excess funds  at the end of the year, we can then bring it ro the membership and we can figure out where to distribute the funds.  Any questions or feedback?  None



Financial Review. 

Jennifer shares the finalized Financial Review on screen.  As far as she knows, no changes have been made since last meeting.  Jennifer asked them to include an option or suggestion. She reads the opinion.  “Upon Review, there was a 9 page report using the Renosi’s Guide to Conducting  an Internal  Financial Review .  Finding that there were no irregularities.  OIAA financial reporting system was transparent and well kept.  Financial records are open to membership for review.”.   Jennifer asks if there’s any questions and Nicky asks who the other people were besides Leslie and Erica.    Jennifer also does not know.  She knows they helped with the review as it is throughout the report.  Jennifer mainly knows they put out a message or call for people to help.  Internally they came in from the AA membership call.  Nicky recalls in the last meeting they were waiting on Karen to complete a task.  Jennifer remembers that they were looking for bank statements.  And, Jennifer says that everything is online.  Nothing is kept on Drive.  They were looking for it in Drive, but it was in the individual systems.  She states that they were picked by Leslie and Erica who were the primary overseers.  It is stated in the reports who helped out where.    Jennifer states that all bank statements are available using Mercury.  Any Questions?   



Review of the OIAA Tax Return 

2023 Tax Return we 9-90 being over $50,000 but less than $200,000.  All ties into the 2023 financial reports, She shows the tax return on screen.  She says that tomorrow there is a board meeting where she will be bringing it to the Board for review and discussion.  It has been distributed amongst the board.  Any Questions?  Nicky comments that numbers are pretty black and white and speak for themselves.  Jennifer agrees and they are able to complete the Financial meeting.  



Jennifer asks if there is any new business or anything Nicky would like to bring up.  None




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