Update For Cooperation-with-the-professional-community – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for CPC - Co-operation with Professionals Committee - Apr 2024

Cooperation with the Professional Community

Quarterly Committee Report

April 19th, 2024


1st Quarter Recap 2024

In the first quarter OIAA’s CPC committee received five email requests for information.  Topics included:

  • Help requested finding closed A.A. meetings for professionals in the medical field.
  • Recommendation for introductory A.A. material for special workers (ASL interpreters)
  • And three individuals expressed interested in volunteering with CPC
    • One was not an alcoholic but interested in working in the field
    • Another was in his first year of recovery. Come back! You’re in the pipeline!
    • And the third volunteer email was from Sharon G. Sharon comes to OIAA with area and district experience in both general service and PI/CPC.  Sharon brings with her enthusiasm and passion for the work ahead.  Welcome Sharon!

The CPC Committee met for the first time on April 15th.  Gwen and Sharon were present and the meeting was also attended by Jeff B.  The Committee Charter was reviewed and a draft started.  This is still a work in progress and will be sent to the Board at a future date.

Sharon G has graciously agreed to serve as the CPC Alternate Chair and will be delivering this report to OIAA’s Board on April 20th.   CPC continues to look for additional A.A. members willing to volunteer.

We would enjoy hearing from any OIAA’s member groups that participate in CPC service. Please share your experience, strength and hope with our committee.  Additionally if you see opportunities in the online realm where CPC may provide a service to carry the A.A. message with members of the various professional communities who have contact with alcoholics we’d like to know about it.

The next CPC committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 29th at 6:00 PM Eastern Time. We will be meeting on the Zoom platform.  Zoom ID: 837 4412 9366 Passcode:  CPC

All are welcome.  Thanks for allowing me to be of service!

Respectfully submitted,

Gwen M.




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