Update For Communications – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Communications Meeting - 21 Apr 2024

Minutes for 4/21/24

Meeting ID: 827 1812 3646
Passcode: OIAA

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Present: Lesliee, Randy, Paul, Susan, Nona

 Open positions

Inter/Trans – Might come off the committee

G Drive organization

Chair report

On 4/19/24 Sam, Lesliee, Randy met to discuss how to use Google products you tube is owned by Google for OIAA committee and Board collaboration. There are 12 core apps in Google workspace 3×3 dots top right are the available apps.

How do I join the universe of the Google Workshop?

What is a Google Group?

What is a Google share space?

How can we best make OIAA information accessible to phone users?

Mary will provide us with the PIC how to guide.

Process for this team is

Look for instructional info Sam has created,

Sam will look at YouTube and make links for Lesliee

Lesliee will look for all instructional info on Google products on line Rndy says everything is on Youtube.

Randy will create the video.

Randy will start with Gmail. Sam has already generated a summary of info on that topic.

Next meeting May 3rd noon EST we meet again on May 3rd noon EST it is on the calendar all are welcome.

Lesliee designed new Business cards. Board members like them.

To Do:

Build a selection of AA materials to help interpreters who are not familiar with AA Possible videos in the future. In order, Spanish, ASL, French. Include What AA does not do Pamphlet.

Search of any and all how to videos online and making sure we are not duplicating efforts and that all videos published on the OIAA You Tube follow the OIAA style.

New Ideas

Happy birthday /sympathies card line

Start a new work group for OIAA people who want to design them. Everyone liked the idea but the implementation is problematic. Just wait on this and see if HP brings a solution.

We also discussed OIAA Filter for AA and Cancer or other terminal diagnoses. A new group focused on this issue(s) would have to go through PAC. It was suggested that the Comm com not do any further footwork on this issue. Nona also suggested that CPC or PI Schedule session for patient or medical professionals dealing with serious illness.

New Mission Statement: How can we integrate it?

“The mission of Online intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA) is to serve and un online AA groups across the globe by providing a service structure that helps AA groups carry the AA message through the use of online technologies.”

Randy, Susan and Beth created a template for the logo and mission statement in a special block at the bottom of docs and video slides. Nona requested that the mission statement be put on the back of the business card.

Randy report

How to videos for Google Workspace.

Contribution to Convention web page.

Embedding ASL window in all existing videos.

Embedding QR codes into products built by the Comm com.

Randy will be involved in the registration process for the online convention, first of June.

Looking to help the 2025 Convention committee with materials.

Paul Report from Combined 4/20/24

Organized Archives Drive following the model of the website.

Sent letter asking for archival items from OIAA long timers.

Do an inventory all the OIAA videos so Archives can make a copy.

Ideas from you!





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