Update For 12-steppers – Mar 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Mar 2024

March 12-Step Committee (Steppers) Report

Steppers Committee –March 2024

Hello fellow OIAA members –

This is a report of inquiries and replies for the Steppers Committee for March 2024. We finally have some numbers from last year for comparison. Last year in March, we had 400 requests and 2.96 responses per inquiry. This month our requests were lower but we maintained a respectable 4.52 responses per request. The reduced volume may not reflect, necessarily, a reduction in the importance of on-line meetings, since our meeting listings continue to grow, but a return to in-person meetings returning to a more traditional point of contact as we’ve gotten further from the pandemic and on-line meetings have become just part of the new-normal.

Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for March


Steppers Statistics 2024 – March
Total Steppers Replies 1320
Total Requests 292
Duplicates 0
Individual Requests 292
Replies per Request 4.52
Steppers Statistics 2023 – March  
Total Steppers Replies 1086
Total Requests 400
Duplicates 33
Individual Requets 367
Replies per Request 2.96

Requests Distributions 

Requests Distribution 292
Get Help Button 39
Contact Us 37
Join OIAA 236

  Country Count


Country Count of Email
Albania 1
Australia 1
Brazil 1
Canada 17
Chile 1
Colombia 1
DR Congo 1
France 2
India 5
Ireland 2
Kasachstan 1
Mexico 1
Namibia 1
South Africa 50
South America 1
Spain 1
United Kingdom 5
United States 1
USA 193
(blank) 6
Grand Total 292

We had A LOT of great comments from grateful recipients who asked for help this month – (Please call it out to us when you get these kinds of comments from your inquirers)


  • Thank you so much for your response.  I was a practicing member of Al-Anon in the 90’s when I had issues with fixing people.  You just opened my eyes that I’m on the AA side doing well, but now I need to go across the hall.  I appreciate the lightbulb!!!!!-Thank you so much , you are greatly appreciated
  • Thank you very much. I really appreciate your words of encouragement.  They come as a spiritually awakening call. I’m willing and committed to finding help.
  • I’m currently a permanent employee. I’m also a registered university student for the year 2024. I’m ready to work a program, and get my feet back on track, and make myself proud. I want to make my family and friends. 
  • I’m sorry I took long to respond. You’re the first supporting member I’m replying to. I still want to reply to everyone else. I’ll be going through the links you sent. 
  • Your insight is highly appreciated and valued. Ever since I reached out to you, there’s a little bit of clarity and peace of mind. This came after I reached out to you for help. I’m looking forward to working on myself with AA and it’s group members. I tried many times but I honestly cannot do this on my own.
  • Just wanted to follow up and tell you 10 people offered to sponsor me, I will be meeting with 5 of them to see if anyone is a good fit for me. In the meantime, how would i go about volunteering with AA? 
  • “I just want to say thanks for the immediate response.  it’s very lonely being a female alkie sometimes.  a little contact goes a long way in preserving my mental health.” W.H.
  • “Perfect, and thank you! Yes, I always set the ball rolling. But I do know traditions are what keep AA here. Not worried. The ones that don’t uphold always fizzle out. I’m not right or wrong. But for the good of the whole, I had to report. I always hated consequences for my actions too.  All is well and thank you again. God bless.” B.L.K.
  • thank you for contacting me.  i have found a woman of similar age who has been sober for 20 years.  i feel like she may be an appropriate person for me to speak with.  I’m not new.  I have been fighting this for 40 years.   tricky business.  thank you for your support.
  • Thanks so much for your prompt reply! Specifically, I’m trying to find the Zoom ID and password to “Friends in Recovery” a 24/7 meeting out of South Africa. Several people in one of my regular meetings raved about it, so I’d like to check it out sometime. But I’m always looking for new Zoom meetings and appreciate the information.
  • Thank you again for carrying the message!
  • Thank you.. I signed up for a meeting saturday called steps and family. T
  • -Thank you so very much for your help and great advice  !!!  Greatly appreciated !!   I will be checking it out !!!
  • -Thank you for your response to my email, which, at first, I thought was an AI response.  However, as I read your story, it started to feel like it was real.  In addition, when you gave me a name and number to contact, I knew it was real.  
  • I called Alan, spoke to him and set up an in-person meeting for this coming Sunday.  He seems like a great guy, and someone who I can already feel relates to my problem.
  • I am really grateful that you reached out to me.  I have never really given AA an opportunity to help me.  I have been to in-person meetings and online meetings, but none have been of help.  I feel that the reason is that I was or am not following the program to its fullest potential.  However, I am going to do it now.
  • Thanks so much for your assistance, information, and contact.  I am now attending AA Meetings.  Thanks a million, and my best regards, 
  • Thank you so much for your kind answer, I accept the help I can get humbly. 
  • I will follow the instructions. And do my best.  You are right stopping is the most important. Blessings. 
  • The information you’ve shared is helpful and I’m looking through the list of meetings and plan to join one today. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best.
  • Thanks for the help. I will look up what you sent me 
  • Thank you so much for the information.  Have a great night.
  • -Many thanks for your email. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll start working on this immediately.


  • Your heartfelt message was so kind and informative. God bless you each and every day of your journey. I have connected with a women’s group and feeling ever so grateful.
  • Thanks a lot for the information, I appreciate it. 

Please let us know of any corrections or questions.

In Your Service,

DC Dave

Steppers Committee Chair


Jeff Br

Steppers Committee AltChair


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