Update For 12-steppers – Apr 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Apr 2024

This is a report of inquiries and replies for the Steppers Committee for April 2024. Requests are on the upswing for the first time in a while, with 480 requests for the month vs. 346 last year  Looks like we heard from more than 26 countries. Our responses per request was down slightly but each request on average still got close to three responses.

Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for April

Steppers Statistics 2024 – April
Total Steppers Replies 1289
Total Requests 480
Duplicates 19
Individual Requests
Replies per Request 4.52
Steppers Statistics 2023 – April
Total Steppers Replies 954
Total Requests 349
Duplicates 3
Individual Requests 346
Replies per Request 2.75

Requests Distributions 

Requests Distribution 488
Get Help Button 227
Contact Us 30
Join OIAA 231

  Country Count 

Argentina 1
Australia 1
Belgium 1
Bolivia 1
Brasil 1
Brazil 1
Cameroon 1
Canada 28
Colombia 1
Denmark 2
El Salvador 1
France 7
Germany 1
India 16
Ireland 3
Mexico 3
Nigeria 1
Other Country 12
Philippines 1
Please Choose… 1
Romania 1
Rwanda 1
South Africa 68
Spain 1
United Kingdom 12
United States 1
USA 292
Vietnam 1

We had A LOT of great comments from grateful recipients who asked for help this month – (Please call it out to us when you get these kinds of comments from your inquirers)

-Thank you this is helpful. I appreciate it

– I certainly appreciate you taking the time and courage to share your story. I see a lot of similarities in my story as yours. I only hope mine will have the same outcome (sobriety) as yours. Thank you so much for the resources. I found an AA online meeting last night through the Intergroup link you sent. I am planning to attend again tonight, as last night’s meeting was very helpful. I am 2 days sober, and I know the weekends will be a tough time for me, so the real test will be this weekend. I am planning to attend as many online meetings on weekends as I can and need. I have already found that it will be a helpful community! It is nice to not feel alone. 

– This is great, thank you so much! I get so irritated with my sponsor, we’re doing the big book, my memory is shot,

–  Thank you for reaching out to me, really appreciate it. 

-Thank you so much for responding so quickly! 

-I appreciate your response. Thank you

-Thank you so much for sharing your story and offering encouragement and hope.  I have resisted reaching out to AA for years and I just got to the point where I just have to realize my life will get worse, and I can’t stop it on my own.  I want better.  So, I will be acting on your advice.  Thank you.

-Thank you so much for your mail. I took the time to read through your story and your words of encouragement, i am truly hopeful for the future.

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