minutes – May 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for 09 May 2023

5 pm EST opened with the Serenity prayer

In attendance:  Susan R Vice Chair, conducted the meeting per the Chair’s request due to complaints lodged against her per decorum section of existing guidelines; Jennifer-Treasurer; Mark, Tech Chair



I.                Proposed financial and budget related documents.

II.              Grievances lodged against the Chair.

III.             Consideration of Charters

IV.            Request from Unity that the Tech Committee support the 2nd International Hispanic Convention


I  Proposed Financial and Budget Related Documents
  • A. Change in the bylaws-proposed and approved by the committee, re eliminating the Finance Chair position; asked to be put on the June agenda-board approved.
  • Presentation of Budget, Variance, Contribution and Balance Sheets-Monthly Report
  • Treasurer needs groups to id their groups with their group id number received upon registering with OIAA
  • Vendor process-Approved by board; forward as report to assembly
  • Unbudgeted Funds Request document-approved by the board; forwarded as report to assembly
  • Discussed a Docusign app-not at this time
II Grievances Lodged against the chair
  • Believed them to be credible-one or two board members are not innocent of this
  • Discussed inventory of board-too late
  • Discussed Mediator—will reach out for advice; Vice Chair was tasked with this
  • Discussed next steps-setting up interviews, one at a time, no questions, just sharing experiences
  • Discussed change in tone of board with passing of bylaws and election of new leadership
  • Discussed Secretary’s, (who is out on medical leave) desire to be involved but decided to go forward with this immediately in consideration of his health
  • Chair asked we vote on going forward with an investigation and the vote was unanimous to go forward.
  • Voted unanimously to form an Ad Hoc Committee for the Exploration of Grievances leveled against the chair and possibly another board member of 1 month’s duration.
  • Noted legal whistleblower documents and other documents had not been signed; one grievance had come in as whistleblower request
  • Discussed concurrently developing a grievance process through the Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee and Vice Chair agreed, as current chair of Ad Hoc Guidelines, to set that in motion in a confidential and discreet manner.
III. Charters-we agreed we did not have the time to begin this work at this meeting and that committees should consider a sobriety requirement
IV.   Support of the Hispanic Convention by Tech:   We can support this Conference with our zoom platform and ask the Zoom Team if they can help.

Actionable Motions:  To Create an Ad Hoc Committee for the Exploration of Grievances Leveled against the Chair with a duration of 1 month, Seconded and Unanimously approved.

Other action items:

Forward Board approved  Bylaws Change re Finance Chair; Budget and Finance process documents to the June Assembly

Form a Ad Hoc Guidelines Subcommittee for development of a Grievance Policy, documenting our process as we go along;

Set up interviews to begin the grievance process; keeping the process confidential to protect all parties; agreeing the decisions for action taken would have to be in accordance with the bylaws.

Concluded at 5: 52 EDT


Respectfully submitted,
Susan R
OIAA Vice Chair

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